Dr. Z Shaft Prescription.
January 27, 2020

Dr. Z Shaft Prescription.

It is all in the video. The most logical way to properly take care of your pool cue shaft.

To buy, click here. 

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Happy Holidays!
December 27, 2019

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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ROKU chalk delays
February 05, 2019

ROKU chalk delays

As of 2/13/2019 - 

I had a phone call with the lead developer of the ROKU chalk and he told me that the chalk will be ready for shipment in mid-March.

This time there shouldn't be any more delays.

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KAMUI and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 12, 2017

KAMUI and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dear KAMUI Fans,

Along with our mission to create the highest quality billiard products on the market, KAMUI is dedicated to promoting a healthy image for cue sports by encouraging players and fans to make good decisions about their personal well-being. We have done this by changing our sponsorship agreement to only sponsoring non-smoking players and starting the excellence awards that are given to junior players we believe are aligned with our mission in both the areas.

As you might know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people connected to KAMUI have suffered from this terrible disease, including friends, family, and even one of our team members. Along with our mission to promote better health, we have decided to start a charitable giving practice and this year we will be sponsoring the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) (

BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. This year, BCRF will award $59.5 million to support the work of more than 275 scientists at leading medical and academic institutions across 15 countries, making BCRF the largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide. BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S.―the only one with an "A+" from CharityWatch and Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars.

To accomplish this and to help raise awareness, we have produced pink versions of our billiard gloves and Dr. Z’s Shaft Prescription. We are producing a limited run of both of these products and donating a portion of the proceeds to the BCRF. (Availability and images will be on the website soon)

We invite you to join us on this campaign and support the BCRF with an order of one of these specialty products.

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes,
The KAMUI Team

Please visit:

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KAMUI In Las Vegas
July 13, 2017

KAMUI in Las Vegas AND the fun Schedule.

Hello KAMUI friends! Please share this on your social media pages.

KAMUI USA will be in Las Vegas from July 17th - August 21st 2017.

The first event will be held at The Rio Convention Center from July 19th to 29th. Please see the map below to find our booth #10

BCA Nationals Floor Plan


July 30th or the 31st.
YUP. We will be there to blow SH!T up! and shoot guns.

It will be a root' toot'n time. - Come plan it with us at the booth!


Then from August 2nd-4th We will have a booth at the BCA TradeShow Summit. At the South Point Hotel Casino Convention Center. Please see the map below for our booth location #1101.


August 5th, - 7th...
Come to the booth and give us some ideas for these dates...
MAYBE we go drive a supercar! Like a Ferrari or a LAMBO!

Let's PLAN IT!

Our last event, we will be at the APA Nationals held at the Westgate Convention Center. August 9th to the 19th. Below is the map to find the KAMUI booth #3.


We look forward to meeting you at the booth and giving sneak peeks of the new products we will be carrying. See you there!


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Chris Robinson
November 04, 2016

Newest PRO to the KAMUI TEAM- Chris Robinson

We are so proud to announce and would like to welcome with great excitement- Chris Robinson as our newest sponsored player. 

Back in 2012 a young Chris Robinson approached us at the Kamui booth in Las Vegas. It was an awkward greet, a shy but enthusiastic young man asking to be part of the Kamui team. We asked him what his GPA was, he told us it was at a 2.0.. We apologized and told him that to be part of the KAMUI Team a 4.0 GPA was needed. Now, there is one thing we knew about getting good grades. A bad grade can knock the whole house of cards down. So, what we were really doing was telling this young man to get his grades up but without actually "preaching" to him about the benefits that come to those with good grades.

Humbling moment a few years later... A text message from Chris dated in February of 2015:

"Hey john , do you by chance remember talking to me about how important grades are a few years ago? 
Well I remember talking to you about a sponsorship a few years ago and you told me to come back when I have a 4.0 haha.
I had a 2.0 at the time and in my head was just thinking "okay all I have to do is double my GPA lol"
But now I have a 3.6 and am feeling as good as ever. My pool game is sharp and so am I 🙂
Aiming for that 4.0"

Reading this text from Chris shocked us. We did not realize that we had made such an impact. What resulted for him was his good grades led him on the path to a great college, Lindenwood University in Missouri.

So, Chris being in college, I am confident that he is working hard and deserves all the great things to come to him in his future. 

We receive requests for sponsorship in droves per week. The entire Kamui Brand sponsors well over 200 pro players world wide. The responsibility team USA has to the brand is a humbling one at best. Chris RobinsonBringing someone on board is a difficult decision- with simple criteria (a GPA of 4.0). Holding a 4.0 GPA does exclude a lot of young people that are not serious but it inherently excludes a lot of good players.. 

We welcome Chris with open arms to our KAMUI family, and as he should know, he has an open door with us and any of his KAMUI brothers and sisters. 


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Our first blog post. And new web site.
November 01, 2016

Our first blog post. And new web site.

A new beginning...

Change for some is hard, but at some point it is necessary to grow and make everything better for everyone. So we now say goodbye to an old friend (our legacy web site of ten years).. the site that hung in there and took a lot of beating, crashed several times, and that has been banned from several email servers (I have no idea why.) Our customers were so patient waiting to get their orders in the mail and rarely questioned or called.. (When I did indeed send tracking numbers and sent notifications and promotions). Now, a new web site is here. The new KAMUI USA store. Three months in the making and four solid weeks of countless hours of work... It is here. She is stronger, faster, and way more powerful than ever. Please take the time to explore and do not hesitate to ask any questions. The KAMUI Team is here to help you.

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