Newest PRO to the KAMUI TEAM- Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

November 04, 2016

We are so proud to announce and would like to welcome with great excitement- Chris Robinson as our newest sponsored player. 

Back in 2012 a young Chris Robinson approached us at the Kamui booth in Las Vegas. It was an awkward greet, a shy but enthusiastic young man asking to be part of the Kamui team. We asked him what his GPA was, he told us it was at a 2.0.. We apologized and told him that to be part of the KAMUI Team a 4.0 GPA was needed. Now, there is one thing we knew about getting good grades. A bad grade can knock the whole house of cards down. So, what we were really doing was telling this young man to get his grades up but without actually "preaching" to him about the benefits that come to those with good grades.

Humbling moment a few years later... A text message from Chris dated in February of 2015:

"Hey john , do you by chance remember talking to me about how important grades are a few years ago? 
Well I remember talking to you about a sponsorship a few years ago and you told me to come back when I have a 4.0 haha.
I had a 2.0 at the time and in my head was just thinking "okay all I have to do is double my GPA lol"
But now I have a 3.6 and am feeling as good as ever. My pool game is sharp and so am I 🙂
Aiming for that 4.0"

Reading this text from Chris shocked us. We did not realize that we had made such an impact. What resulted for him was his good grades led him on the path to a great college, Lindenwood University in Missouri.

So, Chris being in college, I am confident that he is working hard and deserves all the great things to come to him in his future. 

We receive requests for sponsorship in droves per week. The entire Kamui Brand sponsors well over 200 pro players world wide. The responsibility team USA has to the brand is a humbling one at best. Chris RobinsonBringing someone on board is a difficult decision- with simple criteria (a GPA of 4.0). Holding a 4.0 GPA does exclude a lot of young people that are not serious but it inherently excludes a lot of good players.. 

We welcome Chris with open arms to our KAMUI family, and as he should know, he has an open door with us and any of his KAMUI brothers and sisters.