Find Authorized Installer

Hi There,
Thank you for being our customer. As you may know, KAMUI TIPS USA has been a strong supporter of GoPlayPool for many years.
To better serve you in your quest for finding an Authorized installer We joined up our Authorized Installers onto the GoPlayPool App.

This is how you find your installer:
1. Download the GoPlayPool App.
2. Navigate in the app to find your closest installer near you.
3. Or go to the GoPlayPool web page to find your installer there.

<<<ATTENTION>>> This new collaboration was launched March 1st, 2018
If you are having trouble finding your installer during our migration period please do not hesitate to fill our contact us page. The migration process may take 3 months as we are carefully inviting our customer base to be properly listed on the GoPlayPool platform.

While on the GoPlayPool APP or Website, look for the KAMUI logo. This will tell you that your installer is an Authorized KAMUI tip Installer.