ROKU chalk delays

ROKU chalk delays

February 05, 2019

In stock now! 4/15/19






Did not want to post this on April fools day because this delay is no joke... SHIPPING HAS COMMENCED!

WOOHOO!... For those who have been patiently waiting, THANK YOU! Expect a tracking number soon!









As of 3/8/2019 - The factory is still on schedule for shipping in the next few weeks and we will be filling backorders from the oldest to the newest. Thank you again for being patient.


As of 2/13/2019 - 

I had a phone call with the lead developer of the ROKU chalk and he told me that the chalk will be ready for shipment in mid-March.

This time there shouldn't be any more delays.


as of 2/5/2019 - 

To all of our valued customers and fans of the KAMUI chalk. We thank you for being patient while the factory figures out some quality issues and performance improvements for the re-release of the ROKU chalk. We thank you for being patient. We did understand from the KAMUI factory that the ROKU would be released in the middle to end of January. But this time has passed and we received an email from the factory letting us know that the ROKU will be delayed once more. We will have an update again come February 22nd. Please continue to be patient as this re-release of the ROKU chalk will be EPIC.