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Steady Eddy's Cue Tonic


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Steady Eddy's Cue Tonic is the first of its kind in the pool playing market. Its spray on mist formula applies evenly to the shaft to keep cueing nice and smooth. Players get to enjoy the direct feel of the stick, with ultimate control and no glove to distract. A simple application alleviates all stickiness from sweat and humidity giving the glide players need in the heat of a match.
  While Steady Eddy’s is new to the billiard industry, its patented formula has been used for years in the other industries including the vintage musical instrument market. The beauty of the spray is that it dissipates before you ever have to worry about any kind of build up or damage.  
  Simply hold approximately four inches from the shaft and apply 5-6 quick sprays across bridging area. Smooth it evenly on ( avoid the tip of the cue) with your hand or towel. Can measures approximately 6” in height to fit perfectly inside a standard pool case. 

• No Goofy Mess •

• No Messy Powder •