KAMUI VUE Bridge Head

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The VUE clear bridgehead is a precision machined and individually polished piece of tough acrylic WITH NO SHARP EDGES. OPTICALLY PERFECT CLARITY to see through the bridge to view the cue tip in relation to the cue ball when necessary, as in a high jacked-up shot over obstacle balls (shown below). A case is provided to maintain this polish and transparency when stored in the cue case. If it becomes slightly opacified from use do not fret. It can be returned to be buffed and polished to like new condition completely restoring the optical clarity feature of the bridge.

VUE Bridge is for the Right and the Left Handed Player
The bridge is assembled for the right-handed player with the larger 13.5mm grommet opening, identified with the RAISED RIDGE, facing the player. To convert the bridge for left-handed use remove the rubber grommet and install it in reverse so the low side of the bridge is to the left.

Seven Bridge Height Options
#1 - #2 - #3 These three bridge elevations provide the most frequently used heights requiring the use of a bridge.
#4 The most elevated lift position to accommodate the occasion when extreme height is necessary to execute such a difficult shot with the added advantage of seeing through the bridge.
#5 This very low-to-the-table height is to be used for distant draw shots with or without the use of a cue extension.
#6 This is another low bridge height option for a special shot situation. It also provides a wide stable notch accommodating the cue shaft when stroking and shooting at an angle.
#7 A precisely calculated height for positioning your cue to shoot over obstacle balls while viewing through the bridge to determine exact cue tip contact location for stroke and shot.


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