The Pocket Sniper

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  • Ghost Ball Aiming: No more guesswork! This classic method is created by visualizing a "ghost ball" at the pocket and aiming the cue ball directly through it. The Pocket Sniper shows you exactly where to aim.
  • Tangent Line/Cut Angle Aiming: Uncover the geometry of the shot. Learn to visualize the angle the object ball needs to hit the pocket and use the Pocket Sniper to see the precise contact point.

Why the Pocket Sniper?

  • Visual Learning: Turn abstract aiming concepts into clear, actionable targets on the table.
  • Train Your Brain: Repetition with the Pocket Sniper develops your aiming intuition, allowing you to see the correct shot even without the tool.
  • Confidence Builder: Experience the satisfaction of sinking more shots, boosting your confidence at the table.

Important: The Pocket Sniper is the key that unlocks your potential, but consistent practice and good technique are essential to mastery.

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The GHOST BALL METHOD (GBM) is most commonly used when explaining to beginners how to aim properly. This method is indeed mostly targeting the beginner and intermediate levels of players. Advanced and Pro-Players will use the GBM especially on Carom Shots, because if you rely on feel, you will almost always hit carom shots too thick. Nevertheless, the GBM is one of the most important aiming methods.

The GBM requires that the player imagines the Cue Ball position at the point of impact, when the Cue Ball is frozen on the Object Ball, touching it at the point of contact, and than to aim at the center of this imaginary Ghost Ball. Sounds quite simple, but for most players it is very difficult to imagine this Ghost Ball and to see the Aiming Point. And that is exactly where POCKET-SNIPER comes into the game!

Now if you come behind the Cue Ball, align yourself to the Aiming Point. This imaginary line from the Cue Ball to the Aiming Point is your Stroke Line. Get down into your stance, swing your cue a few times to make sure you are perfectly aligned to the Aiming Point. When you are ready, stop with the swing of your cue and focus. This is your point of no return. You are confident, there are no doubts any more. Swing slowly back with your cue and deliver the stroke towards the Aiming Point through the Cue Ball and stay down. Watch the Object Ball fall into the pocket. Now stand up and continue your drill.

Example 4