Kamui Tips Collection

In order to be sure our products play consistently, we need the help of the players by purchasing their tips from their local authorized KAMUI tip installers. Our installers have access to training materials, 24 hour support and a guarantee on our products. Our installers are also vetted to be sure they have legitimate retail or repair shops and have the tools needed to install tips correctly. 

We have made this process easy for the player by providing a database. We direct all inquiries to their local authorized installer who already has tips on hand and ready to install. To find a local authorized installer, simply fill out the form http://www.KamuiTips.com/contact, and we will respond within a 24 hour period.

All existing authorized KAMUI USA tip installers please login to your account to purchase tips and all other KAMUI products.

All players looking to purchase KAMUI product, Please navigate our store to purchase all KAMUI products other than tips, and/or to create a wish list of their own. Again, looking to buy tips or have a tip installed on a cue? Please fill out our form to locate your local authorized installer, and we will refer an authorized installer.

We take great pride in the products we produce and are never quite satisfied. We strive to create the most consistent, playable product for every cue sport player and so feedback is very important to us. We thank you for your support in the KAMUI Brand and look forward to developing more products.