Kamui Diamond Slicer

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This simple product is a training / aiming aide for the player that uses the diamond system or just needs the help on improving banking skills.
Installation is very easy. Peel the backing off one sticker at a time and follow, connecting each diamond around the table. Trim off excess sticker wherever the sticker overhangs on a pocket. The fit and finish is nice and clean. You can lift and reposition the sticker but the sticker basically has one reposition, so reposition sparingly.

Available in 7, 8, and 9 foot.

To see if it can fit on your pool table please measure the distance between diamonds. If your measurement is exact to the number below, IT WILL FIT. If not, please leave a comment on our contact us page.

7ft. (254mm / 10 inches)
8ft. (285.75mm / 11.25 inches) 
9ft. (304.8mm / 12.5 inches)


Tested and approved for: (meaning you do not have to measure)

(most Brunswick), all Diamond, all Rasson, and all Valley tables.


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