RackRat.com - Secret page

Hi there, welcome to the hidden page of the Rack Rats. Thank you for acquiring one of these coveted billiard patches for your pool cue case. It all started when we were seeking to make a patch for the KAMUI brand. We tried to make the KAMUI logo in the age ole customary embroidery style patch. Let me tell you that it was the ugliest patch we ever seen and we paid way to much for such poor quality. So, in April of 2008, the KAMUI patch was born of the current style and amazing finite detail for a fabric patch today.

You possess a symbol of dedication. An insignia of culture that you can only recognize in others you play pool with. Although the art may look sinister, it only means we all possess the same inner passion for pool. BUT, our passion is met with dignity and good will in the pool hall and league play. This patch means you are a member of a club. You are an ambassador and example to others in cue sportsmanship. When you see a RackRat patch on another's cue case, you can trust you are in the same brotherhood and can battle on the green together as family.