KAMUI Pink Ribbon Campaign

In addition to the new Dr.Z Shaft Prescription, we are also launching a PINK Dr.Z’s Shaft Prescription and a pink version of the KAMUI Glove. Both of these productsPINK Dr.Z Shaft Prescription are part of our Pink Ribbon campaign in October. All the profits of these Pink Ribbon products will go to The Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

We would like to emphasize that the pink versions are available in limited amounts. You can pre-order to be sure you are one of those who supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

KAMUI Pink Ribbon CampaignThese new products will be ready to ship on October 25th, 2017. After our supply of the PINK Ribbon Campaign is out,
we will not produce any more for 2017. See the pink KAMUI gloves here.

Thank you for being our customer,

John Bertone