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Authorized KAMUI Tip Installer Membership form

The GoPlayPool App and KAMUI Tips USA have teamed up to provide you more business opportunities. You may already know that The GoPlayPool App is the leading smartphone APP and website for finding pool halls and locations which have pool leagues and tournaments including local cue repair shops.

Now the GoPlayPool platform has the ability to name Authorized KAMUI Tip Installers. With a paid annual subscription fee, cue repair and retail shops will be registered as Authorized KAMUI Tip Installers with the KAMUI logo placed on their profile as an Authorized KAMUI Tip Installer.

How will this bring new business?
The GoPlayPool App has been around for over five years now and has over 160,000* active users on The App. It's also web and mobile friendly with over 50,000* views monthly.

The Platform’s target market has been a stronghold of regular pool players, league players, and many college students looking to play pool at different locations. Frequently, these individuals need the services of a pool cue repair shop.

You may already know that KAMUITips.com has been offering free KAMUI tip vouchers at various venues to increase business. What we have experienced from this is a high request rate of players asking us where their local Authorized KAMUI tip installer is located. Guiding them to the GoPlayPool App is really sending them to the doors of all our customers.

We will encourage these people making requests to download The PoPlayPool App.

Please Download the GoPlayPool App  and give it a try for yourself.
Or, Go to the GoPlayPool Installer Search Page.

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With your subscription, you will get a ••• FREE KAMUI tip ••• mailed to you as a thank you for registering as an AUTHORIZED KAMUI TIP INSTALLER.

What will the listing look like? While the user is in the APP looking for an Authorized KAMUI Tip installer, customers will see the KAMUI logo on the installers profile.