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FREE Kamui Tip Voucher

FREE Kamui Tip Voucher
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KAMUI Tip Voucher is only for redeeming at your local authorized KAMUI tip installer.

The player pays for the labor. The KAMUI installer will send the voucher to KAMUI USA for redemption.
If you have any questions please call us: 877-GO-KAMUI

Why the KAMUI Tip Voucher?
The purpose of this voucher is to create a win-win scenario for every party involved in the chain.

For the Player, the voucher allows you to go to any Authorized Kamui Installer and try out the Kamui tip of your choice. If we gave you a tip directly, then you would be stuck trying a tip you may not like. 

For the Installer, This gives you an opportunity to meet a new customer and maybe offer other products or services you may have. This voucher tool is something that protects your bottom line, it tells you that we (KAMUI) want you to be successful and we are not selling or just giving tips away. When you receive one of these vouchers, please charge the player for the labor to install the tip of their choice. On the voucher, you will find an elasticity chart that is self-explanatory. Please send the voucher to us at 3350 E. 7th St. #355, Long Beach, CA 90804, let us know what tip you would like replaced. It is that simple to gaining a new customer and the VALUE of your inventory is not in jeopardy.

For KAMUI, We take joy in growing the billiard sport. And in this way, we are referring players who may not know who their local cue makers are. We know how cool it is to see the manufacturing process of a pool cue. We also want you to try out our product, by referring, you have the chance to look at the other tips and ask questions the authorized installer can answer. Point is, we care. If there is any issue, please call us.


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