Business tools

Welcome to the Business Tools page.

Congratulations on choosing to purchase tools to help grow your business. There are many installers and retailers out there- what about YOU will stand out? Customer service skills always need refinement- from employees to management. Our easy read books help you identify problems and solutions to some of the common selling issues that happen in a sales environment. The books listed below were adopted by KAMUI to help us grow since its inception in 2004. From our experience working in local cue maker's shops and our brand marketing skills as well as adopting these Jeffrey Gitomer's books... Well, you are here right!. From the value we offer, we do not compete on price. And neither should our installers and retailers. A customer is looking for value for their dollar not price.  Our dedication to the success of our installers has brought us to offer these tools to increase value in their shops. As always, if you are not happy with your purchase we will purchase it back.