Welcome Jin Powell to the KAMUI junior team

Welcome Jin Powell to the KAMUI junior team

October 17, 2018

Please welcome the newest member on our roster of KAMUI sponsored junior players.

We are so proud to welcome this young man to our team and so proud to know that ambassadors as small as Jin come in a huge impactful way to our sport.

Jin has been making many appearances in junior tournaments and his local area tournaments, winning with such grace and super mature sportsmanship. Is he an old soul of Greenleaf or Mosconi? His interest and drive for the game are his own. Such passion and energy are so hard to find these days. Jin’s father is his guide in this, little big sport. Well done Jay for raising a well mannered young boy who will increase the image of pool in the years to come.


Jin’s winnings so far are listed below:

1st High Desert Shootout Intermediate: 2017

1st high desert shootout peewee 2018

2nd place adult Saturday 9 ball adult tournament

2-4th place finishes for Felt Bar Sunday 10 ball

4th BEF nationals

4th -8th Super billiard Expo 2017

13-16th VNEA junior nationals youth bracket

2nd Wyoming Open peewee 2018

Sept 2017 Melissa Little (CO 10 state championship) 10 ball 4th place

Please take a moment to view Jin’s Facebook page and watch this young man grow.